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Going back to normal after a long time of no in-person events can feel a little strange. And it is not odd if it may take some time for you to get back into your former routines as an event planner. Arranging online events is simply not the same thing as organizing live ones. Here are a few tips for you to get back into it.

Plan ahead

Give yourself a little more time to plan your events than you normally would have pre-pandemic. Make sure you are not doing things last minute and make a realistic timeline. Things that you simply did on routine before COVID may not feel just as easy when you haven’t done it in years. Do not be hard on yourself for it, instead give yourself a little extra time to get things right. 

Use tools to be more efficient

Practical digital platforms that are designed to make event planning easier are the way to go. This way you can keep track of all things directly from your phone, whenever and wherever you are. You can also add people from your team to the tool so that you can work alongside each other.

Magnet is one example of a tool that helps you with everything event-related, in one place. Send invites, get payments, create marketing content for social media, sell varying ticket options and keep track of bookings and revenue, among other things. Minimize the risk of getting overwhelmed while you organize event by using the tools available to you.

Be vocal with your team

Make sure that all the members of your team feel comfortable with asking for help if they are struggling. Have open conversations about how the work process is going and point out that there is no shame in feeling a little rusty with the tasks at work after the pandemic. It is better that all members are open and can help each other out. Teamwork is the best work.