Intercultural Group Work

It is through social interaction that we first learn about culture, our own and others. When the interaction with diverse others is focused, organized, well-managed, and done with the right combination of honesty and caring, the resulting leaps in culture-based understanding and learning are exponential! Modeled on an effective blend of transformative cross-cultural education, counseling, and peer-support principles, Perennial Winds' Intercultural Group Program is designed to meet the unique culture-based needs and challenges of diversity in businesses, schools, and non profit settings.




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Cultural Adjustment Coaching

For most of us,  spending long periods of time in a foreign culture is deeply unsettling. Persistent feelings of inadequacy, sadness,, frustration, and anger  are not uncommon. Yet study-after-study show that  individuals who successfully  navigate  the waters of culture shock and long-term cross-cultural adjustment greatly improve in a host of cognitive, emotional, and socio psychological measures. Through one-to-one or small group coaching, Perennial Winds is here to help you  with that cross-cultural navigation: to understand its challenges, to explore  useful coping strategies, to become clear about what successful  adjustment  means to you!

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Relational Cross-Cultural Counseling

In the present epoch of accelerating globalization,  encountering and engaging people from  different cultures  is almost certain. In fact, it is likely that most of us will at some point find ourselves in a meaningful or  long-term relationship with one or more of our "significant cultural others".  These relationships may be personal or professional, voluntary or assigned, Whatever the case, whenever increased  familiarity and involvement take place between individuals from significantly different cultures, so too the likelihood of culture-based difficulties.  Whether it is a friend, lover, spouse, family member, co-worker, or boss, Perennial Winds is available to provide solution-focused relational cross-cultural  support and counseling  to help replace negative  thoughts, feelings, and behavior with more affirming ways of staying connected across cultures.

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Learning Through Diversity

Perennial Winds Culture-Based Services provides a comprehensive set of activities and programs designed to increase  the    effectiveness  of culturally-different individuals in diverse  groups in business, education,  organizations, and life relationships.  With that worthy goal in mind, founder and facilitator John Lyons, MA has created a unique coaching, counseling, and training program that  goes to the heart of culture-based challenges in communication, problem-solving, adjustment, and relationship-building. His approach to working with  others is down-to-earth, practical,, realistic, supportive, and goal-directed; always attuned to the needs and values of clients in their present moment. Blending principles of peer group process, transformative learning, and solution-focused brief therapy, John draws on more than 30 years of experience as an international educator, human services counselor,  and cross-cultural coach / facilitator in a dozen countries on five continents. In that time, he has helped countless others to be more aware and responsive, better able to interact and succeed in situations and relationships across a variety of cultures.




John Lyons
74 (2)
AISM Grad 2011

How to reach us...

If you would like to know more about the potentials of cross-cultural growth, learning, and  effectiveness in your diverse business, school,  organization, or relationship, please follow the link to request more information about our services.