different is better

I want to believe I have become a better person through encountering the differences of others. Over and over again. Sometimes knowingly and purposefully. More often unexpectedly. Frequently with great reluctance and resistance. Sometimes with wonder, appreciation, and interest; other times kicking and screaming in protest. Always resulting in a deepened sense of who I am, if not a heightened respect for my limitations. Ideally increased understanding and acceptance, of those who are not like me.


  1. I love this website, the pictures make me want to go there. I want to learn more.

  2. I am your first cousin. I’ve enjoyed these pictures and knowing about you. Marcy has been telling me about you and how awesome you are. I have a picture of you, your mom, and dad. May I send it to you? I’ll send it to you P.O. Box, if o.k. We’ll communicate again soon. Love you, your cousin Becky Gray, Memphis, TN.

  3. Perennial Winds offers concrete tools and techniques to explore and bridge cultural gaps in a world that, despite being made smaller through internet and travel interactions, feels increasingly susceptible to the horrific outcomes of cross-cultural judgements and misunderstandings. I’ve known and worked with John Lyons for over 20 years and no one I know has as much passion, preperation, professional and personal experience in this mission. As significantly, John Lyons has a magnificently well-developed set of processes, tools and techniques to enlighten oneself, one’s primary relationship, one’s friendships, one’s team, one’s school, and one’s organization within the context of cross-cultural mysteries, challenges, explorations and blessings.

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